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If you are reading this description, you (like many others) want to learn more about couponing. People coupon for different reasons. Some people stockpile for their families, so they can save money. Some people coupon specifically for resale. We do not encourage reselling, but we will leave the morals and ethics out. Since we have been couponing, we have learned a lot of valuable tips, and have gotten plenty of helpful advice that we are willing to share. We have saved loads of money by using coupons, so why not teach others to save as well? Although we sell items on our site, our goal is not to aggresively sell items. We offer tips and advice for free. We believe in helping others, so feel free to ask any questions. No question is too "dumb." After all, we once started as newbie couponers as well.

What We Offer

Binder Course

Binder Courses

Binder courses are available for beginners who want to learn couponing from scratch. There is a fee for the course, but the savings are impeccable!

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We provide info on the latest coupons as far as how they can be used. We also offer clipped coupons for sale. Sorry, we do not sell coupon bundles.

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Help, Tips, and Advice

Help is available to anyone who seeks it when coming to this site. We provide tips and advice for new couponers or those who'd like to learn.

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Clipped Coupons

$5.00 for a set of 20

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