Are you ready to get your website designed? Come #GetKoded!

Check out the requirements, so you will know what you need to get started:

Before we get started, you will need the following:

  • Hosting/Domain name
  • Logo
  • Pics
  • Content (if you're not purchasing a package that includes content writing)
  • Social media info
  • Business info
  • About info (including mission statement and tagline)

Our Process

There is a process to building a website. We don't just copy and paste codes from different sites or use Wix sites, then upcharge our clients. To better serve our clients and keep the lines of communication open, we like to be as transparent as possible about the web development process.

Gather requirements

This is the beginning phase where we gather all of the requirements pertaining to your website. We will need to know what type of website, your target audience, your business objectives, and how you want your website to perform. For example, do you want clients to be able to make an appointment? Do you want them to be able to purchase items? We will need to know so we can assess how to build your website.

Analyze the requirements

After we gather the requirements for your website, we will analyze those requirements to decide the best way to design your site. We will establish a schedule and identify any time constraints.

Request of payment

After all of the requirements are gathered, payment will be required upfront. The amount of payment will be based upon the requirements. For more info on pricing, refer to the Pricing section on our website. We will talk with you to see what form of payment is acceptable for you. We accept Paypal, Cashapp, and Zelle.

Gather Info for the site

In this phase, we will gather the necessary items and info in order to complete the site. We will need any logos, pics, content, social media info, business info, about info, services (if applicable), pricing (if applicable, and subscription info (if applicable). During the process, we will reach out and accept info as needed.

Outline/Rough Draft

Once we gather info to complete the site, we will create an outline of how we will approach the design of the site. After the outline is completed, the rough draft will be designed. The color scheme will be based on the logo, and the flow of the site will be based on your requirements. We will reach out to you to get your input on the rough draft.

Development and Design

Development and design will be based on the rough draft. This is the "meat" of the process. We will be busy creating the look and feel of the website. We will employ SEO strategies to satisfy Google regulations and to ensure your website is easily found with keywords. We will also keep you updated with the process, and we will be reaching out to gather any info if needed. Once the website is built, we will ensure the website is responsive and displays nicely across all devices.


Once the development and design phase is completed, we will test to make sure all links work and everything displays as it was designed to display. We will test your site across the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to make sure it displays properly. We will then test your site on different devices.

Website Launch

You have reached the end of the process, so we will reach out to you to let you know so you can check to make sure it is to your liking. Any changes will be made if necessary. Congratulations, your website is ready to launch!

Get Started

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