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"I love the lemon scented deodorant. I suffer from sensitivity in my armpit area and can't use harsh chemicals. This deodorant was great. I only had to used a small amount and it lasted all day. Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Mousse smelled so good and made my skin extra soft. My husband loved the way my skin felt and it's light sweet scent."
~ Deanna S.

"I tried Natural by Choice products out of curiosity and was completely AMAZED!!! I tried the body mousse and hair perfume. The hair perfume was awesome. I love to smell nice daily so instead of putting on perfume, I would spray a little into my hands and use it as both a fragrance and hair oil. I got SO many compliments in public. One lady told me that I smelled of patchoulli and that the scent reminded her of her best friend of 20 years. This made me feel warm on the inside that the scent could invoke those memories for her!! I love, and will forever love Natural by Choice products" ~ Pleshette H.

"Natural By Choice deodorant is My Choice!! Its Smooth, Creamy, doesn`t stain my clothes. Keeps me fresh all day IN A NATURAL WAY!! I love Natural By Choice!" ~ Barahka H.

"I really like the Chocolate body mousse. I have been using it consistently for about 3 months. I've noticed that my skin is much softer and I do not have to apply a lot. I have also began using it has a face moisturizer , it has been helpful in fading my dark spots. Overall it is a great product and I've seen instant results." ~Marcia S.

"I really like the all-natural deodorant provided by Natural by Choice. I had been looking for a natural product that worked better than the products on the shelves and have finally found it. I would highly recommend the deodorant, and the smell was great." ~LaKeisha M.